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I heard thru the grapevine that the Westboro Baptist church is planning to protest the funerals of the firemen in Webster who just got murdered while they were trying to put out a fire. 

All my Rochester friends: Please, please, PLEASE pass this on to EVERYONE you know! Those Westboro Baptist church are planning to protest the funerals of the fireman that were just killed. PLEASE gather as many people as you can to form a human wall to block those jerks from causing mental/emotional harm to already suffering families. Share this with everyone! Details of when and where will follow shortly.”

I’m from Webster and this sort of noise is not tolerated and I will not let these idiots cause my hometown more pain than we’ve already suffered this week. 

It’s still not known when the funerals will be but I’ll edit this post or re-post once it’s known.


I’ll spread the word as best as I can to my volunteer firefighter friends here in Buffalo and hopefully some of my followers can help as well! 


I’ve been posting about this for awhile.  I’ve heard that colleges all across the country are participating, but I know for a fact that SUNY and CUNY colleges are involved.  

Tomorrow, October 5, Wednesday, at 12pm, students will be walking out of their classes to protest the cuts in state aid, tuition hikes, and lack of accountability in college administration. 

At UB, students will walkout to let our administration know we will not tolerate tuition hikes and budget cuts that result in losing core academic programs while they maintain six-figure salaries. They ask students to pay more, receive fewer programs and have larger class sizes without a shred of accountability or student input.

NYSUNY 2020 came into effect this summer and allows SUNY and CUNY schools to charge residents $300 more in tuition each year for the next five years. University Centers can charge an additional 3% (through a $75 fee) and have the option of charging 10% more per year for Out-of-State students.

This is the so-called “rational” tuition plan! It amounts to a 34% increase of resident tuition in five years and a whopping 50% increase for out-of-state tuition during those same five years.

This will price students out of SUNY! We must stand with one voice and let our administration know that we won’t tolerate tuition hikes when they refuse to share in the sacrifices they are asking students to make. Their failure shouldn’t be on the backs of students!

— Source

If you go to UB… walk out and meet on the Academic Spine. You’ll hear us.  If you absolutely can’t miss class, of course that’s fine. But otherwise, it’s just one class, and it’s for a worthy cause. Join us. 

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