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"Losing It" is a feature film that documents a long-suffering sports fan’s feverish attempt to ween himself off his perennially losing team. He must kick the addiction before the start of the new season or risk losing his wife, family and further eroding his physical and mental health. Can he find the exit off the losing train or will he realize that there’s no way out, and instead, try to guide the train to it’s final destination — winning a championship?

Filmmaker Scott Rubin is that fan and he is going on a journey to either kick his habit or destroy the curse once and for all. 

I will consult with scientists, addiction specialists, psychologists, aversion therapists, priests, rabbis, past-life regressionists, Kabbalists, witch doctors… I may even attempt to change my allegiance to a winning franchise, whatever it takes… I’ll attend Roller Derby matches and American Kennel shows, anything where a winning team might stick.

But if somehow I fail, I will then turn my attention to breaking the curse and unleashing the winning energy that has stayed imprisoned in some sinister, underworld lair for nearly half a century. Yes, I said the “curse” — you don’t lose four Super Bowls in a row in a rational universe. Something’s up and I will unearth its ugliness.

And as I head along the losing corridors of America with co-filmaker, Matt Fortnow, and other fellow masochists we pick up along the way — their pain will become my pain — we’ll shuffle off to Buffalo to finally shatter this “losing addiction.” Matt and I will capture every agonizing moment. Like me, Matt knows sports suffering, he’s been a lifelong Red Sox fan and although his pain mercifully ended in 2004 he deeply empathizes with teams too chummy with the L column. He’s also a sports pioneer, being one of the guys that brought fantasy sports leagues onto the internet.

You can join me on this journey of liberation by becoming a member of the “Losing It” Commiserators Club. The more you give, the more you aid in the destruction of a dark, menacing, overlord-of-sport who blows kicks 6 inches to the right just to watch fans weep. We deserve a life of joy and fulfillment, don’t let our losing teams obliterate whatever’s left of our battered souls.

Visit his kickstarter HERE.

With the 10th pick in the NFL Draft the Bills have selected DB Stephon Gilmore from South Carolina.


Ryan Fitzpatrick with a cupcake. 

That is all. 

Buffalo Bills Safety Bryan Scott - Dedicated (Biggest Part of Me)

"Your situation doesn’t make you, it reveals you. Have the courage to stand up, fight for what you love, and never settle for anything less than what you dream for. It doesn’t matter where you are, right now is all you have. Today is yours. What are you going to do about that?" #ShowYourDedication