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The region’s biggest holiday spectacle in a generation, the inaugural Niagara Holiday Market will be a 37-day winter wonderland in Niagara Falls, New York; opening on Friday, November 25 and running through New Year’s Day 2012. The Market is aiming to be on par with the memorable shopping destinations of Europe’s Christkindlmarkets and retail arcades.

Local, regional and national retailers such as Melissa & Doug, Tony Walker & Co. and Biscoff Gourmet have joined Merchant Row on Old Falls Street, while over 20 independent artisans will showcase and sell their wares through the traditionally online community marketplace, Etsy Studio, as it comes to life in a workshop-style space.

World-renowned musical talent will headline the Holiday Concert Series with the Canadian Tenors kicking off their Holiday Concert Tour on November 26 at the Conference Center Niagara Falls, followed by Aaron Neville on December 1, Elisabeth Von Trapp on December 6-7 and the Buffalo Philharmonic’s “A Visit With St. Nick” on December 17. All concerts will be held at the Conference Center Niagara Falls on Old Falls Street, with tickets available at www.niagaramarket.com.

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