The Real Blind Date With Adult Contacts

 Yes we have all had the blind date, and most don’t end so well. However my friends and I came up with a perfect blind date game. Here’s how to make blind dates fun and maybe just a bit dirty with adult contacts. We took 10 girls that we had met and dated before and invited them to play the game. 10 girls and 10 guys in one big old house. We moved all of the furniture that you could fall over and only left sofas and beds.
Everyone had to take a blindfold and stand somewhere in the house. When everyone was ready we cut the lights and it was pitch black. Now came the fun part, you have to feel your way around the house finding the other people to find your date, but no talking, touching only. You never know what girl you are going to get or whether you will be near a bed or a bathtub. Then main trick to this game is feeling for tits. That’s the only way to find the right partner.
This is a great game for adult dating. The girls already know the deal and they know your feeling for tits the very first thing. Of course if you have any flat chested gals you may need to check for long hair before you go for anything serious, you wouldn’t want to get an eye poked out.

The girls we had that night were cool in personality and smoking hot in the body. We had a good mix of age with two college girls named Cindy and Beth. They were both bisexual and I had been in bed with them both together once before. Their sweet in the sheets. Next we had an older girl but she had held up very well. Her name was Rhonda and she worked in accounting back at the office. She was a tall woman with long blond hair and big tits. I think every man will know if he gets Rhonda.

Two black girls one named Ruby and the other we just called Candy. They were wild as hell and joking with us about more pussy than we could handle. I was hoping I would get one of those that night. We had a house wife too, she had managed to sneak of the ranch for some playtime with us. One Japanese girl and I can’t even spell her name, but she was hot with long black hair and the smallest little waist I ever saw. I was daydreaming of her and Candy trading licks, I really need to set that up some night.

The other three were just run of the mill bar flies that are good for a one time fuck, you know the ones I mean. So let the games begin, feeling my way through the dark I grabbed a long haired small thing. Tiny little thing, so I thought maybe I had the Jap girl. That was really cool because she gave me a hard on all night. Then she took it down all night. I can’t wait to play this game again. With a little creativity you can make adult dating fun and unique.