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April 1 Pregame Video Open

The Buffalo Sabres played an inspirational video before their game last night at the First Niagara Center. The video attempts to define the city’s identity mentioning common nicknames attributed to Buffalo including “The City of Good Neighbors" and "The City of Light.” Featuring a plethora of destinations only found in Buffalo the video recognizes its rebirth with a brand new nickname - “The Rising City.”



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Airbnb CEO and Co-founder, Brian Chesky just circulated an email highlighting the company’s new initiative and vision, Shared City. He’s asking for ideas from engaged locals to help Airbnb highlight their city to its global community. Buffalo needs to be one of their Shared Cities.

His post on Medium highlights key elements of their plan. He writes:

Imagine if you could build a city that is shared. Where people become micro-entrepreneurs, and local mom and pops flourish once again.

Image a city that fosters community, where space isn’t wasted, but shared with others. A city that produces more, but without more waste.

He continues by sharing Airbnb’s commitments and values:

We are committed to helping make cities stronger socially, economically and environmentally. We are committed to enriching the neighborhoods we serve. We are committed to being good neighbors. We are committed to supporting local small businesses. We are committed to illuminating the diversity, arts and character of cities. We believe cities thrive best with micro-entrepreneurs.

Portland, Oregon is Airbnb’s first Shared City. And I want Buffalo, New York to be the next. Shared City will help civic leaders and the Airbnb community create more sharable, more livable cities through relevant, concrete actions and partnerships.

In Portland, Airbnb is working with the visitor’s bureau on joint campaigns to promote the city as a destination to the global Airbnb community, highlighting Portland’s unique characteristics and diverse neighborhoods and sending visitors to local small businesses throughout the city.

There’s incredible momentum in Buffalo now and partnering with Airbnb to become the next Shared City, will encourage adventurous travelers, tourists, culture junkies, foodies and creative entrepreneurs to discover, enjoy and share our great city with the rest of the world.

My colleagues at Block Club and City Dining Cards and I encourage you to write to Brian Chesky (brian.chesky@airbnb.com), share your take on Buffalo, and encourage Airbnb to consider Buffalo as its next Shared City.

Thanks for your help!

- Patrick

We can do this Buffalo! 


Attention to anyone in Buffalo for the summer!! I am the Secretary of the Lake Erie Seaway Trail and we are looking for 2-3 interns for the summer. 

You would need to be able to dedicate ~15 hours per week (unpaid) at our visitor center in Hamburg. This would be a good position for anyone interested in the environment, education, local tourism, customer service or PR/marketing. The position is low stress (it’s on the beach) and will look great on a resume! If interested message me on Tumblr, or send me an e-mail: wzientek@buffalo.edu and I can provide you with more info!


One of our Beach Clean Up Events! 


Sunset on the Lake!


lights in Buffalo


Let me tell you a thing about Buffalo:

  • Yesterday it was 50 degrees F
  • Today there’s a blizzard

The collective energy from the city; people have to realize what a difference that makes to us and the players. It’s a great place to play hockey. You feel a part of something. You feel appreciated. When you give an honest effort, there’s positive feedback from everyone. And that’s more than you can ask for. There are cities out there where you’re invisible and you don’t have the same support… I feel like I’m fortunate. I’ve met some great people and some great fans.

I do appreciate everyone who’s supported me. With a little bit of an uncertainty, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to say thank you.

Ryan Miller (2/27/14)

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And thank you for everything as well.

And thank you for everything as well.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for everything.


Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon talked about Buffalo and I basically died because I live there😍 fallontonight